lunes, 4 de abril de 2011


It is Monday evening!
When I woke up this morning I thought: Hope this week starts nicely. I have had a really exhausting  month of March as I have had some isues that needed my total attention. But today it seemed to be the start of a beautiful month and wished it started in a  shiny way as it has been indeed.

I had to go to the city center for some boring burocratic matters and I popped in, to drink a coffee , in a new Coffee-Bar.  I was so lucky: it was the opening day and I was the first client they had: "I was invited to my coffee drink".

Now I just opened my computer and came back to my blog, where  I found  myself with a sweet comment from another blogger:
MANU from: Manu's Menu giving me an ¡¡AWARD!!... ¡¡MY FIRST AWARD!!...

It was really phantastic. Since I started writting on my blog, about two months ago, I was never given an award ( I do not mention family or friend ones who gave me already plenty of them).
I feel as they gave me an OSCAR!
As tradition oblies I will have to mention 15 bloggers who I really like to follow and whose comments I have apreciated from the very beggining, as well as , their support and of course their lovely  AROMA AND RECEIPES coming out from  their kitchens.
As always I would like to give  more awards as allowed but as you know I have to select just 15 wich they  have an special Aroma  I adore. 
Then the AWARDS goes to:

Tiffany from Como Water
Cooking from paradise Everything's herbed
 Nancy &Vihay from Kitchen Gypsies 
Always on a journey with food Boulder Locavore
Joshua from Just eat!
Lij & Kari from Chef and Steward
 Ramya from  Mistress of Spices
Lindsey from  Gingerbread Bagels
Yin from Yin's homemade
Kankana from Sunshine and Smile 
Clarkie from Beloved Green
Jill Colonna Mad about macarons
Jenny from Savour the senses 
Michele from  Cooking with Michele
Gourmantine from Gourmantine's blog 

Manu you  cannot be in my list, but you know I follow your blog and this list wouldn't be complet without a :
Manu's Menu
Manu from Manu's Menu.

Thanks a lot.


By the way:  I LOVE AWARDS

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maria luisa dijo...

que maravilla, despues de algunos dias entre a ver como ibas, y guau!!!!!!!!!!! un premio, luego entre al blog de la que te habia premiado, y eres ademas el primer premio.
Te mando un beso enorme, y sigue adelante con tu blog. Como puedes tener la paciencia??? yo supongo soy muy floja para eso.

maria luisa dijo...

Ademas te cuento que el dulce tipico de mi ciudad Ica, son las tejas. Pero son diferentes a estas que ensenas. Cuando vaya por alla te llevare

Aroma y Cocina dijo...

Muchas gracias M. Luisa. Creo que has sido mi primera seguidora y me has animado mucho. Y lo que es más, !Me gustaría verte un día con la cazuela y la cuchara en la mano!.
¡Qué gastronomía más maravillosa tenéis en vuestra tierra! dijo...

Feliz!!!! Muchas gracias M. Luisa. We sincerely appreciate your very kind sentiments and look forward to continued growth and friendship. Love and blessings.

Manu dijo...

The awards are so well deserved Begona!!! I really love your blog! And I am really happy it made you smile! I hope you have a better month ahead! xo

Aroma y Cocina dijo...

Thanks a lot Chef & Steward. Thanks Manu.

Best for all of you, from...


The Mistress of Spices dijo...

Muchas gracias, Begona!!!

Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels dijo...

Congrats on the award, how exciting! Thank you so much for giving me the award. :) You made my day!

Gourmantine dijo...

It was such a sweet surprise to receive the awards, thanks so much! :)

Jenny @ Savour the Senses dijo...

Thank you for the award! Much appreciated! Looking forward to sharing foodie ideas =)

Boulder Locavore dijo...

What a wonderful surprise! I love YOUR blog and you definitely deserve many awards. I'm so honored you passed this along to me too! Thank you for letting me know! Toni (Boulder Locavore)

Aroma y Cocina dijo...

Thanks to you: Ramya,Lindsey,Gourmantine,Jenny,Toni.

Tiffany dijo...

THANK you thank you thank you!!! I am honored!

Nancy and Vijay dijo...


Congratulations on your very first award. You have a wonderful blog and are very deserving of many awards. Thank you so much for passing it on to us, it is an honor to be remembered by you.